QUAKER OATHS is a narrative feature written and directed by Louisiana Kreutz. It premiered at the Austin Film Festival in October 2016 and went on to play in over a dozen festivals across the country, winning awards such as "Best Comedy" at the Breckenridge Film Festival and the Audience Award at Woods Hole.  The film is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, and DVDs are available at Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, and Amazon.

THE STORY: When Quakers get married, they ask every wedding guest to sign their marriage certificate. It’s a sweet tradition that signifies the importance of community. But when Joe and Emily want to get divorced, that sweet tradition creates an unexpected challenge: now every guest must cross off their name to make the split official. In this off-beat comedy, our two would-be divorcees hit the highway to track down friends and relatives, revisiting old feelings and discovering new ones along the way.

STARRING: Alex Dobrenko, Fede Rangel, Kathy Rose Center, Rupert Reyes, David Lee Hess, Scott Mason, Juli Erickson, Grant James, Tane Ward, Hannah Kenah, and introducing Pete Dahlberg

OUR TEAM: Written & Directed by Louisiana Kreutz, Produced by Bradley Beesley & Austin Tolin.  Cinematography by E.J. Enriquez.   Sound by Katy Fairlee and Royce Sharp. Original score by Jeff Luna.

Best Comedy: Breckenridge Film Festival
Audience Award, Comedy: Woods Hole Film Festival
Best Director: Deep in the Heart of Texas Film Festival
Festival Favorite: Phoenix Film Festival
Bonus Screening: Austin Film Festival


QUAKER OATHS had its World Premiere at the 2016 Austin Film Festival.
With two packed screenings at the Rollins and State Theaters, AFF gave Quaker Oaths a third "buzz" screening! 

Deep in the Heart Film Festival
February, 2017
Waco, Texas
**Winner! Best Director, Louisiana Kreutz

Sonoma International Film Festival
March, 2017
Sonoma, California

Chick Flicks / Dallas Video Fest
October, 2016
Dallas, Texas

Orlando Film Festival
October, 2016
Orlando, Florida

High Falls Film Festival
November, 2016
Rochester, New York 


Phoenix Film Festival
April, 2016
Phoenix, Arizona
**Voted Festival Favorite! 

Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival
June, 2016
Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Vero Beach Wine + Film Festival
June, 2016
Vero Beach, Florida

Woods Hole Film Festival
August, 2016
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
**Audience Award! 

Breckenridge Film Festival
September, 2016
Breckenridge Colorado
**Winner! Best Comedy