Louisiana Kreutz (Lucy for short) has been an independent filmmaker for over fifteen years. She started off in the editing room, cutting feature documentaries (including SWEETHEARTS OF THE PRISON RODEO for HBO) and reality television (SHIPPING WARS for A&E, MTV's series TRUE LIFE, and others). These years of experience in post-production helped grow her abilities in the field.

These days, Louisiana works in several capacities. She is a producer on independent documentaries and television series: most recently she was a supervising producer on an unnamed Netflix docu-series coming out in 2018, and senior producer on Animal Planet's My Big Fat Pet Makeover. She is also an intrepid Shooter/Producer, shooting anywhere from the murky waters of the amazon to the sinking bayous of the deep south. These projects include the Sundance Institute's award-winning film JUNGLE FISH, as well as several segments for the History Channel's series HISTORY NOW. She also directs her own films: her feature comedy QUAKER OATHS is currently playing in festivals around the country.  

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